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In its simplest definition, WordPress helps you make websites or blogs.

A lot of people get confused about what and has to offer.

“Why can’t I have a website on” – It’s seems sooooo much simpler than WordPress.ORG??!!

I feel ya.

Keep in mind that this is also applicable for people looking to have a Sqaurespace site and are battling if they want a Squarespace one or a one.

Let’s break it down for you.

When you go to for a blog/site, all you have to do is register, enter a domain name (site address / URL )  of your preference and walah, you get access to your website.

On you get a free domain name where dot wordpress dot com ( is added to your link address.

If you decide to purchase a domain name from, you get to have your custom web link (

Very simple. will allow you to choose a theme from it’s theme directory, buy a custom color palette and use the limited functions it has available in its Dashboard.

Which means you can add a blog, add an image, play around with colors and add a header to your website but that’s pretty much it.

There are some robust themes out there now which do help small businesses have an online existence but that’s pretty much it. Some even offer sliders, carousels and some super chic stuff.


You CANNOT add functionality to your website. Not more than what your theme has to offer.

For example, if I want to move my blog posts to the bottom of my website instead of how it shows on my theme, I can’t do that. I might as well have to look for a new theme.

Another example is, if I want to add a custom form (to book online clients) to my website. Nope, won’t let you ADD anything unless it is an existing addon from the platform itself.

And I am going to leave it to that. I think you get the idea., on the other hand, does something profound.

It gives you COMPLETE website independence.

You can have ANYTHING you want on your website and that’s that.

But to have the luxury of having anything and everything on your site, you need to pay for something called Hosting.

Uh what?

Hosting space from a Hosting company. Example Siteground.

“Why do I need hosting and why don’t I need hosting for”

Yeah I got you! offers you a hosted version of a website or a blog from the makers of WordPress. asks you to get your own server space to host your site.

Basically, when you make a website, you need to put it somewhere online where people around the world can access it.

This is called hosting space / server space and it is offered by companies like Siteground ( I recommend NONE other – trust a 7 year experienced WordPress lover) is limited in usage and building because the makers of WordPress simply cannot offer everyone incredible amounts of server space. The freaking platform has millions of users.

So, we buy our own hosting space or server space to host our SELF-HOSTED version of WordPress from (light bulb!)

In simple terms, you buy some space on a server which allows people to access your site online. On that space, you install WordPress from and you can start building your site.

How / What / Where is a discussion for another day.

Keep an eye on my WordPress section – soon I’ll be rolling out everything WordPress there.

Signing out!



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