Hello there. It’s wonderful to see you here!

My name is Shafaq O Sheikh and Shafaq O Designs is a web design business that I run online.

I also spend a lot of time taking styled stock photos and setting up my planner (Lifesaver!)

I was born in the UAE, grew up in Miami, Florida US and moved to Pakistan when I was in high school. I turned 30 in 2016 and it’s something that I still need to come to terms with – turning 30, like wow.

I started working at a very young age (19) as a part-time English teacher in Lahore, Pk while studying alongside and ‘Work’ never stopped since.

It keeps me sane. (like with an exclamation mark)

With a total of 2 years of Website Project Management experience and 3 years of working as a freelance web designer, I finally thought it was time to give my experience a name.

And I came up with my own website to showcase all my web designs. It’s pretty addicting!

I also love styling my planner as a full-time hobby and spend time taking styled stock photos when I can! Check out my crazy stock adventures here!

But apart from working on websites, photoshopping, divi-iting (this is something special to me), taking styled photos and planning, I have an adorable one year old to take care of and a gem of a husband.

I  keep buying the same tone clothes, berry and black.

I can eat a mountain of molten – lava cake or gooey brownies and did take up baking as a business too but I always ended up wanting to eat what I baked for clients myself so had to let all the bad influence go (Not to mention the amount of weight I put on back then, which still seems to have lingered on).

This blog is all about my opinions on webpreneurship (is that even a word? – it is for me). You might not agree with them but I am always happy to hear the other side of the concept as well. I look forward to connecting with you.

PS. I get very excited when I type and usually make a lot of errors, and then when I proof-read I get more excited to publish it. Excuse my typos or errors and let me know if you catch one. Much Love.

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